·Special award for the company with best quality and highest efficiency;
·Awarded by the industrial institution for having the best credit for continuous years;
·One of the top 50 companies that have the largest export volume in various region and countries;
·Award for advanced company with good product quality and high efficiency for continuous years.

Provincial and municipal
·One of the top 100 companies with the largest export and import volume of Guangdong;
·Award for the large-sized company that has made outstanding contribution;
·Award for being a good corporate citizen for continuous years;
·Award for making big contribution in export for continuous years;
·Award for companies with good credit for continuous years;
·Award for companies as a good taxpayer for continuous years;
·Award for the outstanding company of Guangzhou for continuous years;
·Award for companies as a good employer in Guangzhou in 2007;
·Second prize for the best companies of Guangzhou in foreign trade in 2008;
·Award for companies of Guangzhou in which is having the advantages in intellectual property right
 of import and export in 2010.

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